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How to find us?

We provide a convenient solution to a temporary stay.

Ukraine, Kyiv, 01001
Maydan Nezalezhnosti 2, of. 740

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We guarantee that you come back to us!

Booking conditions


1. To book an apartment you need to choose a suitable option and contact our administrator over the phone or on-line by e-mail or Skype (look at section “Contacts”).

2. We ask you to take into consideration that it’s recommended that you book an apartment at least a week before the date of the settling.

3. When making a reservation for 3 days with an upfront payment for the first day we guarantee that you check in the very apartment you have chosen, except for the case of force majeure: an accident in the building; problems with water and power supply; an accident with sewerage systems; other matters not depending on us. In the case of force majeure the apartment will be substituted for the one of the same or better class for the same price. After receiving your upfront payment (the price for a day of renting), we send you the conformation of reservation specifying the full address of the apartment.

4. When making a reservation without an upfront payment or for less than 3 days we do NOT guarantee that you settle in the apartment you have chosen, but we are expecting you to come and will prepare you a place to stay. Such a reservation is considered floating. Upon your coming the option you have chosen may be substituted for the one of equal or higher class for the same price.

5. On the day before coming it’s obligatory that you confirm your arriving by contacting our administrator.

6. If your plans change we ask you to inform us about the changes or cancelation of the reservation as early as possible!

The reservation cancelation policy

1. The information regarding the cancelation is received over the phone or by e-mail.

2. If you let us know about the cancelation in 8 days before coming then the upfront payment is fully refunded (after deduction of fee for the settlement system, if the upfront payment was made by non-cash transaction).

3. If you let us know about the reservation cancelation in 3-7 days before coming the 50% refund for the upfront payment for accommodation and 100% refund for prepaid additional services (transfer, tours etc.) are provided.

4. If you let us know about the reservation in 3 days before coming the upfront payment isn’t refunded.